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      For the past year or so I have had persistent pain in the lower right abdomen, hip and groin area. The pain comes and goes, some days feeling like a sore hip and others like period cramps or an upset stomach. I have also had a bunch of other random health issues like hormonal acne, spotting, pain with sex, mood swings, diarrhea and loss of appetite. I’ve had three ultrasounds (pelvic, transvaginal, abdominal), an echo, pap smear, colonoscopy, and a few rounds of blood work. All came back normal besides two small cysts on my right ovary, which my gynecologist said are too small to be causing pain. I also have a Mirena IUD.

      I’ve done some research online and think it could be endometriosis, but the gynecologist said the Mirena IUD is the treatment for endo so it wouldn’t make sense to start having symptoms while I’m on it. Does anyone else have experience with this or similar issues? Thank you!!

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        Laurie Beth KollerLaurie Beth Koller

          Hi Megan!

          This sounds very, very close to my endo pain. I suffered from ALL of these symptoms for over 12 years and then finally was diagnosed with endometriosis.

          The treatment is NOT just the Mirena IUD – in fact, it’s proven that MANY IUDs can make endo even worse. Highly recommend reading BEATING ENDO and see if any of that rings true to you.

          I promise you that you are NOT alone and that their symptoms are dead on to mine. I wrote about my experience here

          Here for YOU!


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