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    Since 6th grade, I was thrown onto birth control pills and thought that sitting in the nurses office with two super pads on was normal. HA! My stomach felt like I was the punching bag for all the mean 6th grade bullies or the kids who were being bullied. After almost 10 years of pain, I finally found a doctor who listened. The pain that you don’t wish on your worst enemy. I was almost bleeding it seemed and tampons would slip out. I kept the target 5 for $20 underwear section in business. This was the norm.

    The word endometriosis finally was spoken. And about a year and a half later, I was taken into surgery. She removed about ten different areas of endometriosis.

    If you’re reading this wanting more – read Beating Endo: How to Reclaim Your Life from Endometriosis. It changed my life.

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      Wow – thank you for sharing.

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