Our Purpose

A place for women to document and share their health and medical experiences.
femUNITY is a community + crowdsourcing platform.

Sparked from the truth...

that we, as women, are often dismissed by our Doctors + left to fend for ourselves, worrying about various symptoms. femUNITY should feel like wave of relief.

Our platform focuses on these 10 main medical experiences

Don’t see one that relates to your story? Let us know and we’ll create another.

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      • Persistent Pain
      • Ex: Our founder experienced incredibly painful tailbone pain for 6 consecutive months

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      Brianna Branco

      • Physical Health
      • Ex: I have questions about my overall, physical well-being

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      Ammara AnwarAmmara

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      Joy Spring Mental HealthJoy Spring Mental Health

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      Melina QMelina Q

      • Digestive Health
      • Ex: I thought I was being healthy by eating cauliflower instead of gluten but it gives me horrendous stomach pain + gas.
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      Brianna Branco

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      Steven ShultzeSteven Shultze

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      • Fertility + Pregnancy
      • Ex: Here’s a story about what they DON’T tell you about what it’s like after you have a baby…
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      Neotonics Review

      • Menopause
      • Ex: I’ve felt alone for years as a 45 year old because no one ever warned me about what my body was about to go through. What should I expect for the next 5 years?
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      Stacy ColferStacy Colfer

      • Disease Related Health
      • Ex: I’ve suffered from x for years and just want to vent my experience, the hardships and what’s helped.
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      kayla daviskayla davis

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      Ammara AnwarAmmara

By sharing your medical experiences, stories, tips and questions, you may help or inspire other women experiencing similar challenges.

By sharing your medical experiences, stories, tips and questions, you may help or inspire other women experiencing similar challenges.

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Our Experiences

“I remember the first time I met another woman who shared similar menstrual pains with me. We both kind of looked at each other in disbelief. I can still see her looking at me saying “Wait, you too!?” I have spent many nights alone on the bathroom floor feeling helpless, feeling like no one understands. femUNITY is the space all women need to end those lonely nights. We were never actually ever alone.”
Laurie Beth Koller
“Coming from a strict, traditional Chinese family, we didn’t openly talk about much- especially not our problems that would make for uncomfortable conversation. Because of this, I found myself not able to tell my mom when I started my period in the 6th grade or when I started having sex and needed birth control. I think women of any/all ages can find themselves in this type of situation where they don’t know who to go to or how to know if what they’re feeling is normal. When my body first started going through those changes I wish I had a resource like femUNITY. Whether 12 or 25, it’s so comforting to know there are women out there I can confide in. It’s empowering.”
Victoria Hu
"At 24, I experienced my first seizure. It was beyond frustrating learning how to live again. I distinctly remember voicing my concerns online and a woman messaged me with her own medical experiences. Most importantly, she told me how she dealt with her seizures. This made me feel safe and hopeful. Finally someone else who understood what I was going through. We need people to break these barriers of suppressing our pain, so the next generation is well equipped to speak out about their valid problems. femUNITY is a vital resource to and for all women".
Krishna Kher