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    MaryKate SelgrathMaryKate

    Hi everyone! Just wanted to share a huge game changer for me on my weight loss journey. A few months ago I watched James Smith’s video on the affect periods and the menstrual cycle have one weight loss and it completely changed my view on things.

    I’ve been yo-yo dieting since I was in high school (I’m 24 now) and could never find a way to sustainably lose weight. I think a huge part of this is that NO ONE tells you that your menstrual cycle can have a HUGE impact on your weight loss and your approach.

    I’ve dropped the link below – James explains this way better than I can! If anyone is struggling and in a vicious cycle of dieting hard for a few weeks and then giving up, I definitely recommend watching it.


    P.S. it’s also WILD to me that I finally received this information from a MAN…I’ve shared it with almost every woman in my life because it was so eye-opening, and all of them had the same reaction of “holy shit I had no idea about this” which is so FRUSTRATING.

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      Laurie Beth KollerLaurie Beth Koller

        OMG – I just watched. This is wild. I am truly passing this video on to all my cousins and aunts right now.

        Thanks for sharing!

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