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    Samantha Fioravantislmf1044

    Occasionally I get this really weird pain in my lower right abdomen and it’s been happening since I was 15 (I’m 24 now). No doctor or ultrasound has been able to tell me what it is (nothing on my ovaries/uterus and they cannot see my appendix in the imaging). It feels like it has no rhyme or reason to it and it’s kinda hard to describe. When it happens, the pain swells until it’s sharp and then subsides and continues to do that anywhere from a couple minutes to a couple hours. Sometimes it’s been so bad that I can’t move and it basically knocks the wind out of me. Tylenol and Advil seem to work sometimes, but they never do enough to make the pain go away. The weird part is that I cannot tie it to anything and I’ll go for weeks or months, even a year at times, without experiencing it. But then it comes back out of nowhere!

    I’ve seen a GI doctor about it and they didn’t take me seriously when I tried to tell them how scared and frustrated I was because of it. They basically told me I need to eat more fiber and it will go away. I did that, and it didn’t help! I tried suggesting other potential causes that are a bit more rare (chronic appendicitis, diverticulitis, etc.) but they dismissed me. They basically made me feel like I was wasting their time being there and it’s made me hesitant to see another doctor about it.

    Has anyone else ever experienced this kind of pain? And how do you approach doctors in these situations so that they take you seriously? It’s almost like I can never fully articulate my symptoms and therefore cannot get the proper help/answers from a doctor.

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      Ugh, stomach pains are so uncomfortable and often embarrassing. For years I experienced cramping and a sudden need to rush to the bathroom. It was always brushed off as a sensitive stomach (I have to admit to not being the best eater in hs), and since there was no rhyme or reason to it there wasn’t much to be done. In my early twenties it started to become more severe, similar to what you’re saying with the right side. It was under my rib and it was pain that would take my breath away out of nowhere.  A PA finally thought, “I wonder if it’s your gallbladder”. We did a test (unfortunately I forget what it’s called) and it turns out my gallbladder was hyperactive. This is less common than the under active type which causes gallstones. From my basic understanding my body would produce too much bile and that’s what caused the pain and urge to use the restroom. In a simple outpatient surgery I chose to have it removed. I’ve felt SO much better since. Perhaps you could request them to look into this?


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      Laurie Beth KollerLaurie Beth Koller

      Hi <3 FIRST, I hate that it’s been happening for so long. This is sadly a reality for us. I know it all too well. I suffered from ALL of these symptoms for over 12 years and then finally was diagnosed with endometriosis. I will say this sounds very, very close to my endo pain.

      I would get SHARP pains and almost like numbing pains. I promise you that you are NOT alone and that their symptoms are dead on to mine. I wrote about my experience here. 

      Also, “It’s almost like I can never fully articulate my symptoms and therefore cannot get the proper help/answers from a doctor.” I highly recommend creating a timeline. I did that for my journey. Also if they are listening – MOVE ON. Find someone who will! I promise you it’s worth it when you find someone.

      Here for YOU!


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        Niki LamNiki Lam


        Who diagnosed your endometriosis.  And how I think I might have it

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          Laurie Beth KollerLaurie Beth Koller

          I got diagnosed by my gyno – I suggest finding one who really listens. Sadly, being fully diagnosed is through surgery but if your symptoms line up – it’s most likely endo. Sending healing!

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