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    Emily C

      Experiences with this IUD?!

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          I’ve had an IUD for over a year and I love it! I got the Mirena because I didn’t want to get my period at all.

          Yes, the experience getting it put in is painful (I was expecting it to be more painful actually) but it only last for two seconds and then there’s slight cramping for a few weeks. The pain doesn’t compare to the protection and piece of mind it offers me.

          I originally was on the pill but I found that it was giving me lesions on my liver so I switched to an IUD because the hormones are localized to the uterus instead of entering your bloodstream.

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            I have a Kyleena IUD! I had it inserted about three years ago and have never had any issues with it. Like any IUD insertion it’s not exactly pleasant, but totally bearable (would recommend taking the day off and relaxing/eating plenty of dessert/watching trash TV. Not necessary but will make the process better!)

            With this IUD I almost never get an actual period — maybe one per year — but I do occasionally get other symptoms: cramps, mood swings, break-outs, etc. Nothing extreme though and it doesn’t happen every month.

            *One thing I will note: my partner has mentioned a few times that he can feel the strings of the IUD. I’m not sure if he actually can (maybe it’s a phantom feeling because he knows it’s there) but just something to be aware of.

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              I can’t speak to this specific one but I have the skyla IUD and loveeee it. I had all sorts of terrible side effects from oral BC so I got this one 2 years ago. It hurt going in but the whole thing lasts < 2 mins so it’s bearable. I probably bled for 3 weeks or so after getting it but only had significant cramping the first day. Now I spot about once a month and have some cramps but the spotting only lasts ~1-2 days and is really light. I also have very few to no other side effects from it that I can tell (no mood swings, hair loss, weight gain, skin changes etc.). The only real downside is that it only lasts 3 years so I have to go get it replaced next year. I got the skyla because it’s the smallest and I was a total wimp about the pain so I heard this was the easiest from that perspective!

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