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    Laurie Beth KollerLaurie Beth Koller

      I am at a point of no hope.

      I’ve been looking for a new therapist for over a year now. I’ve called my insurance and they are very helpful but when I go looking, nothing is in-network. I am so frustrated! I do not have the funds to pay $150-$200 per session.

      I’m on my parent’s plan – which is a blessing in itself – and all my medical insurance is amazing but when it comes to mental health stuff – it’s like nothing. My insurance takes NO out-of-network so I can even send them a claim after the session.

      I’ve used all the sites and I’ve had consultations at over 10 different places.

      Finding a therapist is giving me added-on anxiety. The biggest oxymoron out there :/

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        Stacy ColferStacy Colfer

          I am truly sorry to hear about your struggles in finding an affordable therapist. It is a difficult situation, but don’t lose hope. Consider looking for local community mental health resources or online health providers like Ongo Care, Teladoc, Plushcare, and many others. Your well-being is important, and there are alternatives even when insurance doesn’t cover it well.

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          The hunt for a therapist can be challenging due to factors like limited vacuity, insurance content, specific requirements, and comity. tolerance and continuity are crucial in chancing the right match.

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