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    Madeline OleszkiewiczUser123

      I feel like I’ve tried everything! I eat so many veggies, drink tons of water (some days I’m way over a gallon), exercise at least 30 minutes a day and try to go on walks, etc. I started taking a probiotic but to be honest it has kinda made me feel worse – tons of cramping and more feelings of just not being able to go. Maybe there is a different brand I should try? Any recos?

      When in high school I wouldn’t go to the bathroom for a few days at a time and never felt regular but it didn’t actually start bothering me until college and on. Now sometimes I go a whole week or more without going. I’ve recently developed a lot more stress and anxiety within the past 3 months which I certainly thinking is contributing to it. And not being able to go just makes me more anxious!!

      I used to take a liver cleanse pill that really helped but then stopped working after about a month of using it.

      I feel lost and every time I tell my doctor she just responds by saying “everyone is constipated.” Which I find true but to an extent! lol!

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        Madeline OleszkiewiczUser123

          I have heard of sibo but never really knew what it was! And I definitely heard of low FODMAP but so intimidating because it literally includes all of my favorite foods – haha! But I will give that a try and was thinking of talking to my PCP at my next visit but may just head directly to a gastrointestinal doctor. I have a feeling they may just write it off as IBS.

          Thank you for the advice!!!

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          Sara Goldmansaragee

            Have you seen a gastroenterologist? A couple of my friends have had this kind of sever constipation and tried everything you’re trying but it turned out to be something called Cibo. Cibo is some sort of bacteria overgrowth and it can be tricky to get rid of, but will at least help you with the answers… Something else that you may want to try (absolutely not a longterm solution) is a low FODMAP diet. It’s definitely helpful to try even before you see a gastroenterologist because then you can explain that you tried it already.

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