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      Recently I was experiencing a lot of random symptoms. Numbness in my hands, legs, face, and butt, brain fog, increased anxiety, weightloss, chest pain — I just felt overall really uncomfortable and didn’t feel well enough to get a lot of daily tasks done.

      Because COVID severely impacted the amount of physical activity I had been getting, I was afraid something serious was happening. (blood clot, stroke)

      My doctor gave me an ultrasound of my heart, arms, and legs. I got a nerve test (NCS) and electromyography (EMG) tests done. Since I recently had an MRI for an unrelated issue, the neuro ruled out MS. All of my testing came back normal – I was just waiting for my blood work results. While I waited I did an online “do you have a b12 deficiency test,” and my symptoms matched the quiz. A week later, my doctor confirmed my b12 was extremely low, and put me on 5000mcg of liquid b12 daily and scheduled a two month follow up. After being on b12 for about a month, most of my symptoms subsided. At my two month check in, my b12 was at normal levels again, and I was able to start taking b12 every other day instead.

      That’s all to say, b12 is extremely important for your neurological health. Since it’s naturally found in animal foods, including meats, fish, poultry, eggs, and dairy, it’s especially important for vegans and vegetarians to either be taking a supplement or eating b12 fortified foods.

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          wow – this is amazing. I am feeling a lot of those things so I will have to try! Do you have any recommendations for types of brands?

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              I’ve been taking Nature’s Bounty because it was the only liquid b12 I could find at the pharmacy at that point, but it works really well for me. My doctor told me to take liquid because it absorbs quicker than a tablet/capsule. If you can only find tablet, I would recommend one you dissolve under your tongue versus swallowing.

              For people who are vegetarian/vegan, I would say to make sure the brand you choose specifies if it’s vegetarian/vegan friendly.

              Also if you’re unsure about your vitamin/mineral levels, I definitely recommend scheduling testing through labfinder.com or asking your doctor for a panel.

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