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    marry paulmarry paul

      During pregnancy, I developed a lot of fat around my waist. Can cryo body sculpting help with that?

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        benjamin levisbenjamin levis

          A non-invasive cosmetic technique called cryo body sculpting, sometimes referred to as cryolipolysis or CoolSculpting, employs freezing temperatures to remove fat in certain body regions. Although it can work for many people, the ideal applicant often possesses the following qualities:

          General Well-Being: The ideal applicant should be in excellent general health and free of any underlying illnesses that might be made worse by the surgery.

          Weight Stability: Cryo body sculpting is a fat reduction procedure rather than a weight loss method. It works best for people who are almost at their ideal weight and have stubborn fat deposits that have defied diet and exercise.

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          Emma williamEmma william

            CoolSculpting has helped thousands of people, but it needs to be corrected for everyone. When food and exercise just aren’t cutting it when it comes to that stubborn fat, CoolSculpting may be the answer. “Muffin tops,” or fat bulges around the waist that “spill” over the waistband of pants, “love handles,” or “over-the-bra fat,” or “double chins,” etc., are all examples of problem places where this kind of fat tends to accumulate.
            However, if you meet certain criteria, cryo body sculpting could be a suitable option.
            Achieving your ideal weight is close at hand.
            You’ve had enough of fighting off unwelcome fat.
            You have good health overall and are neither pregnant nor attempting to become pregnant.
            An inch or more of fat can be pinched off in that location.
            You have an excellent grasp of the procedure at hand.

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