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    marry paulmarry paul

      Hi guys, I have an appointment for a healing touch therapeutic massage on Tuesday in a local hospital. Since I have never received the treatment, I want to know what happens during the session. Please help me!

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        A Healing Touch therapeutic massage uses light pressure to encourage calmness and energy flow. Hands-on methods are employed by practitioners to promote healing and lessen tension or suffering.

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        Andrew 99Andrew 99

          Hi, Marry; you’re quite worried about your healing touch therapeutic massage session. You don’t need to stress over your session because the treatment process is simple, and you will not experience any pain or uneasiness. During the session, the therapist will lie on the massage table without asking you to remove your clothes. Once you get comfortable on the table, the practitioner performs the treatment. A single session of healing touch therapeutic massage lasts for 30 minutes.

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