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    Caroline KollerCaroline A

      I tend to wake up every morning with a bit of a stomach ache/heart burn. I try to sleep with a pillow elevating my head but do other women experience this?? I feel like my boyfriend never gets nauseous

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          I had nausea every morning and sometimes throughout the day from simple things (like having a glass of wine). Would vomit easily. It took me 6 months to realize it was my birth control combination pill causing it! It was so weird because I had been on the same pill 3 years before. Guess my body changed. I went off if and nausea never came back. Had a friend with similar experience as well.

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          Caroline KollerCaroline A

            Wow thank you!!! I am so curious to know more about the “blood food sensitivity test”??

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              I also went through a similar experience for over a year before realizing it wasn’t normal and that I needed to get to the bottom of it – I’ll share more in a separate post about how I did a blood food sensitivity test that made my life (and tummy) 1000x better but I also found that limiting coffee on an empty stomach and also making myself move (either work out or walk in the am) made the ache/burn go away!

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                I went through this a few years ago- it’s horrible. I would have episodes of nausea and heartburn that seemed to last forever. I’d have to force myself to sleep sitting up bc the reflux was so bad some nights. I went to an allergist. I went to a GI specialist. I even had an EGD done which only showed minor damage to my esophagus from heartburn. I was prescribed omeprazole and ranitidine and would still have the episodes despite taking it for months. Along the way, a few people told me it might be due to stress and unfortunately I took offense to their comments. At the time, I truly felt that any stress I had was completely under control (I was wrong). With a lot of time and some self care, the nausea and heartburn went completely away. I don’t take medication and during periods of high stress when it creeps back, I’m able to control it. Stress can do some weird stuff.

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                  I definitely go through stages of this, and it typically gets worse around high stress times. I used to focus on the minimizing the symptoms by not eating so late and avoiding acidic and spicy foods, but it didn’t help a ton. The more I focused on managing stress and anxiety, the less I felt nauseous and hearbearn-y in the morning.

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