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      Valerian root was recommended for me by my neurologist in passing, so I bought a bottle of 250mg capsules. Because I’m such a sleepy person to begin with, I got nervous about taking it.

      – Have you tried taking it for anxiety?
      – How much do you take and do you take it both in the morning and at night?
      – Any weird side effects?

      Thank you!

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        Feliza BruntFeliza Brunt

          I have never used valerian root myself, but I am aware of my friend, that used the Valerian root to calm and relax from Insomnia. She took medication from the (Ongo Care) doctor. I know that was a tough time for her. Now she has overcome anxiety and is better from that worst situation.

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            I have not tried Valerian root but I have been recommended it. I am also nervous to try it. A close friend of mine has tried it and it has worked for her anxiety. She takes a very small dose.


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