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    MaryKate SelgrathMK

      I’ve always heard of these supplements being advertised and was pretty skeptical, however, recently I’ve been getting UTIs more frequently and am willing to try this to see if it works. Does anyone have a reputable brand or product that they can speak to??

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        Nelly smithNelly smith

          Hi, I had UTIs almost every week, not an exaggeration. The doctors couldn’t really do anything for me. I was desperate so I started taking a daily probiotic and cranberry supplement. It has really helped with my UTIs! I haven’t had one in about a month and if I do start to feel one coming on I usually take another dose of the cranberry to flush it out. I still have reoccurring yeast infections every month about a week before my period, which I was hoping the probiotic would help with but it hasn’t done much. I am still searching for a solution on that one. But I can say I believe it is helping my UTIs!!

          I take CranCap Cranberry Supplement for Urinary Tract Health | 36mg PAC | Made from Whole Cranberries | Gluten Free, Vegan Friendly, Non-GMO, Made in The USA (30 Capsules)


          RepHresh Pro-B Probiotic Supplement for Women, 30 Oral Capsules

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