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    Larissa MajstorovicLarissa

    About a year ago, in October of 2019, I experienced a series of unfortunate events. I began a new medication for hormonal acne called Spironolactone- I was told by my derm that it could cause frequent urination and to monitor for any of these symptoms. Within a few days of starting, I began to experience increased frequency and urge to pee.. all. the. time. I called my derm, and discontinued the medication. Still, a week later, I had the same symptoms and then some. Tenderness in my belly, burning while peeing, etc. So I went to my gynecologist believing I had a UTI. After testing, I was told there is nothing wrong with my urine and was not prescribed any medication. Within a week, I was peeing blood. I went to Urgent Care and was treated for a kidney infection. Within a couple days, they called me and told me that although my urine panel was abnormal in the office, what they received from the lab did not indicate a kidney infection. Frustrated and at this point in pain for over 2 months, I was referred to a urologist. When I finally got in with the urologist, it had been a few weeks since I peed blood (a relief). They did some initial screenings which indicated normal bladder and kidney function, but agreed that the blood I had been seeing was not normal. There were follow-up recommendations, including a urogram and cystoscopy… at that point, I had no faith in my medical providers and had already spent hundreds of dollars on dead-ends. Once I called my insurance company and was given a $5k quote for ENTRY into the hospital, I decided against the recommendations. As crazy as it sounds, I was more comfortable taking that risk than accruing thousands of dollars in medical bills (something I have done before) to find out whatever condition I have can’t be treated, but managed. Today, I’m not experiencing constant pain but my baseline has changed- what was once uncomfortable, is now normal.

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      Larissa, thank you for sharing.

      I am currently experiencing heavy UTI pain and came upon this post. It’s all very scary! So many doctors are telling me the same thing but different. No answers.

      How do you cope currently?


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        Larissa MajstorovicLarissa

        Hey Sarah,

        I’m sorry you’re experiencing this. I can definitely empathize with the frustration of not receiving concrete answers from medical professionals. This experience changed the way I approach my medical care- like I said, my faith was shaken. In order to cope, I’ve been doing my own research, advocating for myself, talking with friends and other women about similar experiences, and putting my energy into things that make me feel good. Were you treated for the UTI?


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