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    Sarah CooksonS

      During the pandemic, I’ve found that a daily tea routine has really helped me feel more relaxed and centered. I typically drink a black or green tea in the morning for a bit of caffeine, and an herbal at night to wind down. Has anyone else found tea to be a helpful form of self care? Any specific tea blends you would recommend?

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        health journalhealth journal

          Yes, I work night shifts, so tea helps me wake up. I know I sound old, but tea has now become my go-to drink. i just really enjoy my every cup of tea.

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          ethan brodyethan brody

            I think you should try White Tea. It is made of naturally dried, unfermented Peony White Tea, dried Rose petals, and dried Hibiscus. The white tea made by this fanning is stronger than other kinds. Smooth and light, it has a mild flavor and a number of health benefits.

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