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    Sarah CooksonSarah

    Should I be taking vitamins or supplements? I’m 27 and haven’t taken anything besides flintstones vitamins two decades ago. I just feel like there are so many out there and I don’t know what actually works. Can anyone share their experience?

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      ethan brodyethan brody

        You should utilize any supplement under the guidance of your nutritionist, in my opinion. If you are looking for alternative recommendations, then I suggest that you give Ritual Essential a shot. This is a multivitamin supplement.

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        Kara DudleyKara

          Yes! Highly recommend taking a blood test to see where your levels are at before you begin supplementing. I also think it’s worth doing for sure. Also I would be weary of taking supplements without the blood test – I took Vitamin D every day until I got a test and realized I had a toxicity in Vitamin D. This isn’t typically dangerous with Vit D but definitely can be with other vitamins.

          Also, vitamins bought at CVS are not going to do much for you. The quality of the vitamins themselves are really important – if you don’t get the right stuff you might as well get nothing at all.

          Brands I order online from –



          Happy to answer any other questions regarding supplements – have done a tonnnn of research on them this year!


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            I’m 28, and I have never really been a huge vitamin person, but I recently experienced a really bad vitamin b12 deficiency. I started taking b12 and b6 for this reason, but my PCP also recommended taking any daily vitamin with iron.

            I highly recommend using labfinder if you want to see where your levels stand before starting any vitamins/supplements. You can choose vitamins/minerals panel and schedule a lab visit – it’s super easy and helpful.

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