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      I am interested in hearing more about supplements and what/why people take them! I’ve read a bunch online from dieticians and fitness coaches about the supplements they take and what they recommend. It’s honestly so overwhelming I am not sure what to take! I recently asked my doctor. I phrased it as follows: “I am trying to get healthier, and I’ve read a lot from dieticians about supplements like multi vitamins, magnesium, probiotics, etc. I used to take a multivitamin, and sometimes still do as I remember, but wanted to know your thoughts.” She talked about each supplement and why she would recommend it, and I could tell she wasn’t a huge fan unless there was reason, and sometimes they are just a ploy for money. She said a lot of the supplements aren’t necessarily tested because there is no reason/money to gain from this. I understand what she is saying, but she seemed to be against supplements and think they almost don’t do much for you unless a medical reason. I know there are a lot of other opinions about this so I just wanted to hear what you guys heard from yours doctors and what you take and why

      I honestly have a pretty well rounded diet (besides the occasional indulge) which is something my doctor asked me.

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        Linda KollerLinda

          I’m curious too! I’m over 55. What vitamins and/or supplements do women take?

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