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      When I was a senior in college I started experiencing extreme pain in my lower right side. The pain was bad enough I ended up having to go to the hospital. My doctor was fearful that I had appendicitis. He ran a scan and it all came back clear. The doctor refused to consider shingles because of my age and sent me without a diagnosis. I went about 4 days not knowing what was going on. I was racking my brain of “what ifs” and webmd searches. Eventually a rash started where the pain began and then blisters later accompanied the rash alongside my lower hip dermatome. I was able to see another doctor who eventually told me I had shingles. Sharing in case anyone else is experiencing unknown pain internally on one half of your body.

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          I experienced shingles at 19! I had a very isolated headache, literally one tiny spot on my forehead. I woke up the next morning and my eye was swollen almost shut and I had a major rash where the headache had been, all the way up onto my scalp. My doctor was frazzled and even called in a colleague to see if they also thought it was shingles. Thankfully I was prescribed a cream and an oral medication, and it cleared up. I didn’t learn until years later that with it being so close to my eye, it could have blinded me. Thankful for a doctor that took action quickly.

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            omg – how did you even know to ask about shingles?! I had my appendix taken out because of pain as well.

            I wouldn’t even know to ask!

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