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    I recently experienced a really unusual and sharp pain during sex when I got on top. Like, so painful I actually yelped and had to immediately stop. It was on my left side where I imagine my ovary is. Shortly after, I got the most intense cramps of my life, to the point that I was doubled over in pain and felt like I might throw up. I felt mostly normal the next morning but had some residual discomfort.

    Also I had been feeling a weird twinge in that area for a little while. Like if moved a certain way during yoga, I’d feel something strange (but not exactly painful) in that same spot. I did yoga a few days after this experience and it felt normal.

    I originally wondered if it might be an issue with my IUD (I’ve had the Kyleena for three years) but now I’m wondering if it was an ovarian cyst. Has this happened to anyone else??

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        Those are the two options I was gonna say. Call your gyno today! I think they diagnose both with ultra sound, probably transvaginally. But the IUD moving could be serious, so for peace of mind get it sorted. & If the pain gets worse or is accompanied by nausea/vomiting then get your cute butt to an ER

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