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      Has anyone heard of a septate uterus/uterine septum before? Or know anyone who has one?

      When I went for my IUD follow up ultrasound, my doctor found that my uterus is abnormally shaped – what is known as a Septate Uterus. Basically instead of a normal shaped uterus, there is a “septum” that splits the upper part of the uterus into two sections. There are varying degrees in severity depending on the person. Mine is a “mild” case – it is basically heart-shaped (my “cute” way of thinking of it lol). Thankfully, it is not a threatening or painful condition, most women don’t know they have it until they get an ultrasound for whatever reason.

      Anyways, my doctor did a good job about explaining to me what it is, and noted that she can’t guarantee the effectiveness of my IUD because of it (major bummer)… but the discussion didn’t go much further than that. I wish there was more available research/studies on IUD effectiveness & Uterine septum’s so I could have a better understanding of my situation. I am also wanting to learn more about how it affects fertility. After doing a little research of my own,  it looks like the chance of miscarriage is certainly higher.

      Just curious if anyone has heard of this before!


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