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      I’ve suffered from headaches and debilitating migraines for years — almost as long as I can remember at this point. It’s gotten to the point that headaches will last for days on end and appear for any reason at all — my period, barometric pressure, stress, drinking, etc.

      At this point, hangovers are absolutely brutal. If I drink too much on a Saturday, I will still have a headache by Tuesday. No amount of Ibuprofen will touch it and I try not to overdo it on Exedrin, but sometimes I get desperate!

      I’ve tried soooo many things: heat, cold, massage, stretching, aromatherapy, chugging frozen drinks, weighted blankets, spicy food….you name it. Any remedies welcome!

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        Nicole T

          Hi there,

          I am so sorry this is happening to you. I also have extremely bad migraines. Have you gone to an ENT? I ask because sinuses could be an issue. I found out most of my sinus cavities are so narrow, that fluid builds up behind my eyes and face causing migraines. ENTs can perform outpatient procedures to actually widen the cavities now! It’s a one-day operation with two weeks of downtime.

          The other thought is botox. Have you explored this option? It can be covered under your insurance for migraines. I totally feel you about not wanting to take too much excedrin. It also has caffeine in it which is obviously not something you want to do at night.

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