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      Sometimes after drinking (mildly, not a blackout), the next day I am in a funk/in a wave of anxiety or sadness. I know “alcohol is a depressant” … also I enjoy drinking. Any suggestions?

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          I hate the feeling of not knowing exactly how my conversations went the night before. Like even if I didn’t black out, did I miss a cue that someone was uncomfortable or did I just say the wrong thing and not even really notice? Alcohol sucks. I get high too and that’s shitty for my body, too. I’ve considered going sober. I met someone this past year who was the most wonderful soul, he was a young husband and father. His family recognized there was a real problem with substance and he had a really good rehab experience. I definitely don’t have that privilege, or really like that type of addiction I guess? But, his sobriety was really inspiring. I met him back in the Fall and think about their family a lot. My boyfriend drinks a lot, he doesn’t get depressed or anxious like I do (sometimes it’s mid-party, sometimes its the next day). But even if he doesn’t get emotionally down, it’s not good for his body! Sucks that it’s such a part of our life. It would be really hard to be counter-cultural and sober. Thanks for helping me think about this tough stuff. Moderation I guess. When I get really blasted, oh yeah, my mind and body are messed up for days.

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          Sarah CooksonS

            Yes, I definitely feel this. My hangovers don’t really come with many physical symptoms, but the mental ones feel overwhelming. I guess numb is really the only way to describe it? My mind just feels completely blank and my motivation is nonexistent. It’s so easy to just sink deeper into the spiral and spend all day in bed. But I have found that even just a breath of fresh air helps. Getting up and just walking down the block has been so helpful.

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            Caroline FoshagCaroline Foshag

              This is me in a nutshell. I love having a good time but I swear I often and paying for that good time for not just a day, sometimes a full week! It’s horrible. I guess I have had to alter my lifestyle and really pay attention to the types of alcohol I’m drinking and the amount. My favorite types of nights are girls nights with red wine flowing but I’ve found red wine is my worst nightmare for hangover depression! I always try to drink as much water as possible while I’m drinking, before bed and have something planned to get me out of the house and moving. Hope that helps.

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              MaryKate SelgrathMaryKate

                I know what you mean! I’ve found that doing some sort of physical activity definitely helps – even if it is just going for a walk. I’m trying to get better at this as well. Oftentimes I give in and lounge on my couch all day binge watching tv, which just puts me in a vicious cycle of wanting to hibernate.

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