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    Jordan Hohlfelder

      Since turning 27 in March of 2020 I feel as though I can sense a distinct change in my body. The weight is harder to shed (thank you 2020 for shutting down our gyms), I haven’t woken up feeling great in what feels like months, in and out of the bathroom constantly throughout the day, either viscerally opposed to food or starving and very little in between, and tired as a result of all of this. I have contacted nutritionists but the ones that I’ve looked into are out of my budget so my next step has been the internet. We all know what a black hole the internet of health can be and it’s been difficult to figure out what information is truly dedicated to increasing my knowledge about feminine digestive health. There is a ton of noise out there and I feel like I’m always being sold something to help with this or that thing. I suppose I should start saving so that I can speak to someone and speak to them about my specific issues/digestive issues that seem to be affecting the way I live my life day to day. But for fear of having to spend upwards of $1,000+ I’d love to hear from other women who might be dealing with similar issues. What has worked for you? Are all of our bodies truly that different that trial and error is the only way to figure out what works for me? Any and all advice welcome!

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          So I’m not sure if this is helpful but I had very similar issues in late middle school/early high school that was written off by both my parents and by doctors as an eating disorder (which it wasn’t!). I felt yucky every day and nauseous all the time and developed a lot of anxiety around feeling like I was going to throw up. It wasn’t super popular back then but it turned out that I had undiagnosed celiac disease (gluten). I was eating gluten every day so keeping a food journal never worked since it was such a staple in my diet. Additionally, when they were testing me, all of the tests came back pretty inconclusive so after maybe 2 years of ignoring it and a bunch of testing, Drs suggested I just try cutting it out (again, this was 2006 – wayyy before the gluten free fad started) so I did. It took about 3 weeks after that but I started to feel sooo much better, gained a lot of energy and just all around was healthier. There is a simple blood test that they can run to screen for it so maybe one place to start?

          Totally different but somewhat feels the same – maybe have them test for h pylori too! another pretty easy test but in my experience, feels super similar to what you’re describing and also what I was feeling pre- celiac diagnosis.

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            Jordan Hohlfelder

              Thank you so much! That’s super helpful actually. I’m trying to avoid a full food allergy testing situation but I think that figuring out what feels good when I eat it and what doesn’t is definitely a focus. I’ve also done a ton of research around hormonal imbalance and how that can affect everything from skin to gut health to digestive function and more. Working to figure out what that actually means and if it could be something that is contributing to my overall state of being at the moment. Thank you for your advice though because at the very least it makes me feel less crazy!

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