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      3 years ago I received an HPV positive Pap smear result with abnormal cells during my routine annual Pap. I was an otherwise healthy 25 year old who had been getting regular Pap’s for a few years. My OBGYN explained that first they would do a Colposcopy to look more at the cells. After coming back abnormal again, I scheduled a LEEP procedure. For this I would be under anesthesia and the doctor would scrape off some of the abnormal cells. I then began going to my OBGYN every 6 months. I also started the Gardasil vaccine, which is 3 shots over a year that is for the prevention of certain strands of HPV. I remember in high school my PCP really passing over whether or not to get this vaccine, and with it being fairly new at the time, I did not get it.

      1 year after that I received another HPV positive with abnormal cells test result. The doctor recommended another Colposcopy, which came back clear of further abnormal cells and I returned to receiving a yearly Pap.

      Today, I had my first clear Pap since this happened! Throughout this, I also made some lifestyle changes, incorporating more “Immune Boosting” foods into my diet as the immune system is what fights off HPV.

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        Cassie BeardCRB

          I just got a call from my doctor that I tested positive for HPV and had abnormal cells show from the pap so I scheduled a colposcopy for early next month. Im stressed and anxious about what’s next and reading about your experience gave me comfort and that I’m not alone. I got the vaccine when I was young so thought that I’d be protected.

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          Emily muglerEmily

            Several years ago I received my first abnormal pap and was told that I was positive for HPV. My doctor was not concerned because I had my 3 series guardasil shots as a teenager and she ensured me that my body would clear the virus. I returned a year later and my pap results returned as normal. I then returned a year later and had my second abnormal pap. I had my first colpo biopsy and the results came back as normal. Then returned another year later and had again another abnormal pap and had my second colpo that came back normal. Then this happened for the 3rd time. So, I decided to change doctors and have another opinion. This doctor did a pap and it came back abnormal, we waited 6 months and another came back abnormal, and of course ended up having a 4th colpo. Unfortunately, the results came back as abnormal, showing I was one stage before having stage 1 cervical cancer. At this time the dr recommended LEEP. I had no question about it I was absolutely having this done because I wanted this entire experience to end. Well, I had the procedure done in May 2020 and would say I think recovery went very well. However, about 2 months post op, I started to experience pain that I have never experienced before. The first time it was after rough sex so I wasn’t too shocked but it was such an intense pain that I cried. And now sometimes it can be a throbbing pain but will only last a few minutes and sometimes its just a feeling that I know something has been done to me.. almost like I can feel a scar inside of me if I move in certain positions..

            I have recently, October 2020, visited my Gyno for the unknown pain. The doctor did a physical exam and said my cervix looks like it has had the LEEP procedure done but otherwise normal in appearance, a Pap smear was not done. I have not figured out what is causing the pain.

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              Congrats on your clear pap! I had the same thing happen the past 3 paps in a row 🙁 Thankfully, my copols have come back clear but it still makes me super anxious. My doctor just told me to wait it out and hope that the HPV clears on it’s own.

              I’d love to know some of the diet changes you made so I can at least feel like I’m doing something to make it better.

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              Larissa MajstorovicLarissa

                I had this same experience! It really surprised me that Gardasil only protects against FOUR strains of HPV when there are more than 100. I was relieved to hear how common HPV is, but wish I would have known more about it earlier!

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                  I had my first abnormal pap a few years ago and while my Colposcopy came back clear, it was a total surprise for me to learn the Gardasil vaccine doesn’t cover all HPV types. I always assumed I would be fine because I got the vaccine. Definitely a stressful experience.

                  I also didn’t know the immune system can help fight off HPV – I’d love to learn more about the Immune Boosting foods you incorporated into your diet!

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                  Nicole T

                    CONGRATS ON A CLEAR PAP! I am so impressed with how you listened to your body. I hope you continue to get clear results. I definitely need to think about how diet and exercise plays into some of these issues. Thank you for bringing this up.

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                      Thank you for sharing the last part about Immune Boosting foods! I think that’s really important to know because I’m sure there are many women who don’t think about food + diet in relation to their OBGYN health.

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