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    Caroline KollerCaroline A

      I have recently survived cervical cancer and due to radiation to that area, sex is really painful. What lubes have worked for y’all?

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          Vitamin e oil! You can buy it at the grocery store and I think its actually good for your vagina too!!

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          Nicole T

            Caroline, I love Babeland’s “BabeLube.” It is great for both toys and penetration because it is a mix of silicone and water. No smell and it is made without parabens. Also for a 16oz bottle, $22 is a steal.


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              Organic coconut oil is natural, readily available & awesome!
              I also have pain with intercourse, and with some lubes I have burning. I’ve tried Lola personal lube, it is free of any chemicals or scents but sometimes it still irritates me. So coconut oil is the best!

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                You should try a CBD based lube! Foria welless has a great plant based, organic option that has steller reviews from people with all different types of needs. Painful sex, post partum sex, muscles tension etc. etc.

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