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      I had a pain on my lower left abdomen (right along the hip line)for two years. It was a very dull discomfort and doctor’s dismissed it. Eventually I started to experience a shooting pain across my lower abdomen when I would stand up after peeing. I went to a GI doctor who didn’t find anything during a colonoscopy so he recommended I go back to my gyno to get checked out. I had already had an ultrasound when the pain first started so I didn’t think anything would come of it. But this gyno went a step further and did a PELVIC ultrasound which allowed them to see that a teratoma (dermoid cyst) had formed on my ovary. The teratoma was attached to my right ovary but since these cysts tend to be the size of a grapefruit, it isn’t shocking that the pain was across the lower abdomen.

      Even after my surgery to remove the cyst, I still experience mild discomfort on the left side of my abdomen so there is a chance the two were not related (I’ve actually had success seeing a chiropractor in helping the pain so I believe it may be muscular), but the shooting pain went away. If you’re having consistent pain in your lower abdomen make sure you’re asking about the pelvic ultrasound as well.

      ** fyi Teratomas are almost always benign (including mine) but the sooner you catch them the better. Unfortunately, mine cut off blood flow to my right ovary and I had to have that removed (it was also stuck to my appendix so they removed that too).

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        Laurie Beth KollerLaurie Beth Koller

          Hi SM,

          I know it all too well. I suffered from similar symptoms for over 12 years and then finally was diagnosed with endometriosis. I will say this sounds very, very close to my endo pain.

          I would get SHARP pains and almost like numbing pains. Has your gyno looked into endo before? The discomfort could also be caused by endo.

          I had smaller cysts and they are truly the worst. I also had my appendix removed because of them. Something that has helped me a lot is Pelvic PT.

          – LB

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