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    Nicole T

      I keep getting cysts on my ovary (the same one). It starts out as pressure around the area and then just gets worse. I have been to my doctor twice about it now and there is normally nothing she can do. Does anyone else experience this?

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          Yes, I also get ovarian cysts. I am still on my own journey trying to figure out what works for me in managing symptoms. I sometimes get that pressure, followed by a sharp pain when the cyst eventually bursts.  I had a transvaginal ultrasound (very painful and uncomfortable for me) as well as external ultrasounds and they confirmed that I had cysts. My gynecologist had me on birth control for a few months but it made me feel worse in many other ways so I stopped taking it. The doctor thinks I could have endometriosis, but there isn’t a way to confirm it without surgery and she does not recommend surgery unless you are trying to become pregnant soon, which I am not.

          You are NOT alone. This is a journey. I am going to my doctor soon and can share if anything promising is recommended!

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            Yes, so many times. Are you on birth control? And have they ever looked at the possibility of it being endometriosis? I used to get small cysts that would pop and years later, figured out it was endo.

            I also recommend an internal ultrasound. Kind of painful but should be helpful with seeing what’s going on inside

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