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      My experience with the Nexplanon was not the worst but it sure wasn’t great! I was originally on the pill but I was so busy and life was crazy that I would never remember to take it. The main reason I was on a birth control in the first place was to help my horrible horrible menstrual cramps. When being on a birth control proved helpful to those cramps, I knew I wanted to stay on one and my gyno and a friend recommended the Nexplanon. However, I was not a fan. My period became SO irregular. I was bleeding/spotting for up to three weeks. It would go away for a week or so and then come back again. I also developed some hormonal acne that was hard to get rid of and I am lucky to say that I have always had good skin so this was not normal for me. I went back to the gyno after 5 months because I wanted it out and she said she wanted me to keep it in for atleast a year to see if it gets better…..It didn’t, so I finally got it out after a year of annoying irregular periods. I personally would much rather have a regular period that lasts 4 days with one painful day of cramps than a 3 week irregular period with acne. I feel much better now 🙂

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          Rachel – thank you for sharing. I was about to go on it! Do you know if it does anything specific for endometriosis?

          thanks! Sarah

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