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    Laurette .Laurette

      After having short, brittle nails my entire life, I started taking Biotin (Vitamin B7) several years ago. It took about three months for me to notice a difference. And what a difference it was. My nails were as hard as diamonds! I could grow them as long as I wanted, and did just that. For several years, I wore them at the old Lee Press-On Nails “glamour length”. Recently, I’ve shortened them to an “active length”.

      Several months after going on Biotin, I also noticed that my hair was thicker and stronger. This was a benefit I didn’t plan on, but I was glad to have it!

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        Great NaturallyGreat Naturally

          It is a good thing you have taken vitamin B7 but nails should be shortened. As sometimes long nails may be a cause of serious injury while doing some physical work with hands.

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