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    Laurette .Laurette

      After having short, brittle nails my entire life, I started taking Biotin (Vitamin B7) several years ago. It took about three months for me to notice a difference. And what a difference it was. My nails were as hard as diamonds! I could grow them as long as I wanted, and did just that. For several years, I wore them at the old Lee Press-On Nails “glamour length”. Recently, I’ve shortened them to an “active length”.

      Several months after going on Biotin, I also noticed that my hair was thicker and stronger. This was a benefit I didn’t plan on, but I was glad to have it!

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        Feliza BruntFeliza Brunt

          Biotin is another name for vitamin B7 and naturally occurs in food, like meat and eggs. It plays a role in your metabolism along with other bodily functions. I used to have thin hair which was damaged and stunted in growth. Some time ago, my friend suggested consulting with a doctor through Ongo Care telehealth. I consulted with that telehealth platform and got a prescription for biotin shampoo and supplements. It boosted the quality of my hair and repaired them from the root. So biotin is a vitamin that is essential for hair and nail health. Biotin in the shampoo is an easy way to introduce it directly into the scalp. With it on your scalp, it feels better, thicker, and more attractive.

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          Great NaturallyGreat Naturally

            It is a good thing you have taken vitamin B7 but nails should be shortened. As sometimes long nails may be a cause of serious injury while doing some physical work with hands.

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