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      I tweaked my lower back over a year ago now – I still never quite figured out what caused it. Since then I recovered through acupuncture & rest, however, since March it’s started back up again. It’s often a dull sore sensation, but occasionally I experience really painful twinges. I’ve been stretching, resting, going to acupuncture, trying to strengthen my core, walks, massages. I try not to sit too long while I work – I move about quite frequently…I feel like it might be related to tight hips, but I don’t know!

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        Kelsey Skelsey_s

          Hi CDF,

          Last year I was experiencing mild but persistent lower back pain for a few months and my massage therapist recommended strengthening my glutes and stretching my hamstrings. I focused on that muscle group in the gym for a few weeks and my pain went away!

          Maybe a Physical Therapist could help you figure out what is going on in your specific case? There are also plenty PT’s who post videos on Instagram these days demonstrating stretches to relieve certain pains and target certain muscle groups if you’d rather give that a try!

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