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    Sarah CooksonS

      I really love yoga as a way to destress and focus on my breathing. But every time I try to do yoga, no matter the style, I always find myself with lower back pain at the end of it. I especially notice it during shavasana. I can’t lie on my back with my legs stretched out without a deep ache in my lower back. Am I just out of shape or practicing bad form? Or is yoga just not meant for me?

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        benjamin levisbenjamin levis

          A frequent problem, lower back discomfort can be brought on by a number of things, such as bad posture, muscular imbalances, and underlying medical issues. Many people find that yoga helps to relieve their lower back discomfort, but it’s crucial to practice yoga carefully and with awareness. Consider the following advice while practicing yoga to treat lower back pain:

          Consult a Professional: It’s a good idea to speak with a healthcare provider or a physical therapist before beginning any new workout regimen, particularly if you have pre-existing medical issues or persistent discomfort. They can offer tailored guidance depending on your unique circumstances.

          Choose yoga positions that are gentle and beginner-friendly and that concentrate on stretching and bolstering the muscles in and around the lower back.

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          Melina QMelina Q
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            Richard luiesRichard luies

              Hii S,

              How are you

              I’m delighted you’re noticing it. Yoga is, after all, all about tuning into and listening to your body. And yoga is for you if you have a body. The primary offenders are overdoing it and stretching too far. While yoga is advised for those looking for moderate, efficient training, it frequently highlights an underlying neck or back issue. To avoid this pain, you have to join “yoga classes” it can give you best trainings or i suggest you some tips to avoid this pain while doing yoga in home you can do some yoga poses like-

              1.Cobra poses

              2.Bridge pose


              4.sphinx pose

              5.Locust pose

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              steph hsteph

                Hi S,

                What a bummer that you’re having pain when practicing, but glad that you’re paying attention to it.  Yoga after all, is all about listening to your body and tuning into it. And if you’ve got a body, yoga is for you 🙂

                Happy to give you some thoughts here, I’m a certified yoga teacher and have my 200 hour training.  First off let me say that it’s hard to speculate about what may or may not be happening without seeing your body. I’ll follow that up with a disclaimer that if you’re really experiencing pain that you should see a doctor. Yoga teachers can sometimes advise, but keep in mind there is no replacement for a medical specialist.

                So a couple thoughts would be to use props and listen to your body.  The whole class is meant to prepare you to lie comfortably on your back in savasana, and since it’s your body and your practice, you get to decide what comfortably is. Suggestions would be to put a blanket (or towel or pillow) under your lower back/sacrum to support it. Or bend your knees so they point straight up into the air. If you have blocks (or something like it, a hefty book) put them up under your thighs to take a little pressure off the hips.

                Another thing that the pain could be tied to it is core strength and hip position. Check in with your core through out class, keep it strong and use it to support you in every pose. Shoot, check in with your core all the time, at your desk, when standing, posture is so important when it comes to our lower back. And look into some core strengthening exercises if you need a little help. As far as hip positioning, and this will potentially be harder to explain with words, but make sure not to flare your tailbone out which contracts the lower back, ie: in chair pose, your tailbone should be reaching down to the ground lengthening the lower back, (not pushing the booty out like you’re twerking). Does that make sense? Focus on that throughout class: the space in your lower back.  You might be surprised what a little attention and intention does for it.

                Also, if you have any other questions about yoga, happy to chat! steph@loveshack.yoga


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