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      I decided to get off my birth control pill after learning more and more about how unnatural it was for your body! With that I learned how it can effect your sex drive, you body’s natural hormaones and your overall mood. I got on birth control like every other girl, for occasional acne and as a preventative. When I decided to stop I was not expecting the crazy roller coaster in my body that came with that, which made me question even more why it is the “normal” to be on it. How can we be taking something everyday that is going to effect us so strongly once stopping??

      I had no idea how many women were stopping the pill until I started to do some more research on the topic. I would love to talk to more women about their experiences with why they stopped and what they are doing now! I haven’t decided if I want an IUD yet because I am hearing mixed reviews and the positives are really great but the bads seem really painful!!! I am now learning more about how to track your ovulation but I still don’t know a lot and I would love to know all the tips and Apps that can help!

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