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    Sara Goldmansaragee

    After a few years and millions of tests through gastroenterologists and immunologists, I went gluten and dairy free in late 2013. Cutting them both together was the only thing that made me feel better and my insane doctor told me that I was extremely sick and that I was definitely allergic to both of these triggers… (Don’t always listen to your doctors ladies – always go with your gut)!

    After being GF/DF for 6 years, I decided after some minimal intake (butter) that maybe I could try to reintroduce dairy. I started using lactaid 1-2 pills every time I ate any dairy. But I could east CHEESE again! The only catch- Lactaid makes me extremely constipated. If I take lactaid a few days in a row, or god forbid more than once a day, I become incredibly constipated with painful gas, and feeling like there is a brick sitting in my abdomen. I researched online and there is nothing about constipation being a side effect of lactaid. Does anyone else have this problem?

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      ethan brodyethan brody

      It is important to get multiple opinions before you start taking any medicine. In my particular case, before 1 year, I experienced the same problem but I was more often suffering from chronic migraines. I found it very expensive to purchase the necessary medication and visit the doctor. So I tried online research. I tried the qabz ilaj (constipation in the Urdu language) plan, and they helped me to cover many expenses with simple and natural treatment tips.
      Coming to the point, I follow the following precipitations include Drinking plenty of water, Doing exercise, staying away from fast food, Never eating fried items, and finally taking more fiber.
      In a matter of days, everything will be fine. To avoid side effects from medicine, I recommend that everyone try this natural way of getting rid of constipation.

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      !!! This post speaks to me because I couldn’t figure out why I was experiencing constipation ALL of the past three weeks and I wonder if me taking Lactaid has anything to do with it. I don’t have an answer but YES I experienced the same.

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