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      I’m curious if anyone here uses or has used them, and the experiences you had. Early last year, I started having a problem with mild incontinence. Mild, but severe enough. Whenever I laughed or coughed, the involuntary loss of urine was embarrassing. I had to wear a pad all the time, even when I wasn’t on my period. Finally, I made an appointment with a urologist. She got me into doing regular Kegel exercises. At first it helped a bit. During my three-month follow-up visit, she then introduced me to Kegel exercise vaginal weights, from Intimate Rose. The kit included six progressive weights. They’re quite comfortable; I can keep the weight inside of me, and nobody knows it’s there, which means I can do the exercises whenever I want. Today, my incontinence problems are gone. And with the third weight, I started experiencing slightly more intense orgasms. This alone was reason not to stay on the third weight, but to keep progressing to the sixth and heaviest weight.

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