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    Sara Goldmansaragee

      INSERTION: This is my second IUD, but I wanted to just say that insertion is HORRIBLE. It is extremely painful and the doctors don’t tell you. They say you’ll cramp and you’ll be fine, but I almost vomited and fainted the first time I had mine inserted. The second time I borrowed painkillers from my dad (past surgery) and was OKAY… Just another reason women’s healthcare SUCKS.

      PERIOD: I usually get my period monthly with my IUD, sometimes just spotting, but mostly regular. I haven’t gotten it the last two months, and although I took a pregnancy test (negative), I am super confused and nervous. I just moved, so I know there has been a lot of stress, but I also don’t have a doctor yet… Has anyone else experienced super rapid hormonal changes like this? I’m not even experiencing my usual painful boobs before my period or PMS.. it’s all very odd.

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          After starting my adult life on the pill, and not being good friends with hormones, I had a 30-year journey with the Paragard. And what a journey it was!

          Like said earlier, insertions are PAINFUL! I had three of them, and dreaded each one. I had each insertion done while I was menstruating, and the cervix was naturally dilated, but still PAINFUL! After the first one, at 25, I kept menstruating for another two weeks – and it was very heavy menstruation. Like my body was trying to expell the IUD. My gynecologist said she had never seen menstruation so heavy. Periods over the next couple of months would be very heavy, but each one would be a little bit lighter than the previous one. It took about a year before my periods were somewhat back to close to what they were, but still rather heavy, and would remain so until menopause.

          Another challenge I had, our first intercourse after insertion, my husband hit the strings, which he definitely did not enjoy. Let’s say it’s because he’s “quite big”. I was told to wait three months, and come back to get the strings trimmed. Which I did. And that problem went away. Fortunately. After the second and third insertions, we had to do the same thing. A frustrating three months for both of us.

          At my third and last insertion, I asked my gynecologist about switching to the Mirena. I really liked the idea of curtailing periods. But she knew I was a smoker, and therefore convinced me, not only because I was a smoker but especially at 45, that I did not need to introduce hormones into my system. So I stuck with the Paragard.
          Menopause was behind me at 54, this is when I had the Paragard removed. It was reassuring, being there for the removal, and knowing that it would not be followed by another painful insertion this time.

          The Paragard is certainly not for everybody, but after a rough first year, I wound up swearing my mine. Since we are both very true to each other, and because of a better than 99% effective rate, the Paragard meant totally worry-free sex for us.


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            Also right there with you! I had my Murena (5yr) IUD replaced a few months ago, and the pain was absurd. My doctor told me that mine was pretty “high up”, so I should expect a lot of pain during the procedure, but I couldn’t even speak post-appointment, and felt so nauseous. Luckily, the pain only last for about 12hrs, but definitely very unpleasant.

            In terms of my period, after my first IUD I stopped getting my period entirely which personally, I loved. I know that’s not how most people feel, but I suffered from a lot of cramping and bloating and hormonal acne when I was on the pill, and it was such a relief to not have to worry about those things or about taking the pill regularly and consistently every day. I was worried at first when I didn’t get it, but I spoke to my doctor at the time and she told me that its not super uncommon to not get your period on your IUD. So with her reassurance, I felt good about it.

            BUT after this second IUD, I have had my period every month pretty regularly. I’ve had it for about 5 months now, and I find it odd, since I had it removed/re-inserted at the same appointment, and is the exact same IUD so same hormones in it. I am hoping that maybe its just my body readjusting to it, but it is confusing, and even though we are having the opposite reactions, it is similar to what you’re dealing with. So I guess I’m still waiting to see how my body adjusts, but I think maybe theres still a chance your body will adjust and start having a period again? Just like how mine may go away? It’s unclear, but you’re not alone in wondering why your period is gone, and just wanted to say that happened to me with any first IUD!

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              oh girl! I am so sorry!That all sounds like a lot!!

              Thank you for sharing tho. I was thinking about getting the IUD but I just don’t know. You experience helps give me some perspective. I would rather the doctors tell me it is going to hurt real bad than to sugar coat it!

              I can get why those changes are frustrating part of the reason I got off the pill was because I like to have my period monthly so I know I am not pregnant.

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