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    I’ve been dealing with waves of anxiety and really low emotional moods (verging on depressed but I don’t want to self diagnose), and I’m trying to sort out if it’s just the current state of the world/external stressors that are causing these mood fluctuations, or if it’s something more. Kind of feel like it might be time to start seeing a counselor or a therapist, but still not sure if I’m fully ready to talk to someone else. Any recommendations would be so appreciated!

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      Hey Evie,

      I can agree. My therapist and hairdresser say that this is the norm they are seeing across all boards right now. My therapist said that if you can do one thing to help with these swings is to allow them to happen and be real with them.

      I love my therapist. She helps so much. I went to about three before figuring mine out. It might take some time but it’s worth it. Happy to chat more about it



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