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    Larissa MajstorovicLarissa

      I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Disease in my sophomore year of high school. It’s an autoimmune disorder in which antibodies attack the thyroid gland. I’ve been doing annual blood work and sonograms to monitor my nodules for the past 10 years… to this point, my thyroid has not gone hypo- or hyper- so I’m not prescribed a synthetic hormone. I’m glad to not be taking the medication but I’m wondering if some of the other health issues I’ve been experiencing over the past 10 years aren’t associated with this diagnosis. I feel like my current treatment plan doesn’t help me manage the day-to-day symptoms associated with this disorder.

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        Suppose you are experiencing problems with the current treatment plan for your illnesses.

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        Larissa MajstorovicLarissa

          Hey Madeline,

          My most common/ enduring symptoms have been lethargy, GI issues (constipation or diarrhea depending on the day), and swelling of my lymph nodes. You can almost always feel the lymph nodes protruding in my neck. I also experience joint stiffness and notices changes in my skin that I would assume fluctuate based on my hormones.

          One common symptom I haven’t experienced is changes with my weight. I know it’s really common to gain weight with a hypoactive thyroid, and to lose weight with a hyperactive thyroid.

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          Caroline KollerCaroline A

            I have gotten a lot of DMs on femUNITY’s Instagram about this! I will post about this next week.

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            Madeline OleszkiewiczMadeline O

              I’m curious what your day-to-day symptoms are? My mom was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Disease and I have a lot of symptoms that point towards hypothyroidism but no doctors have diagnosed. She was prescribed Synthroid to manage her symptoms but agree best to not be taking medication if not needed.

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