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    Meg Wright

      First, so proud of my cousin for starting this page! Second, I have been wanting to share about this since I experienced it last week, and what better place than here! Due to family history of breast cancer on my mother’s side, I inquired about getting the mammogram process started sooner than later (I’ll be 35 this July). I scheduled my first mammogram for last Wednesday. As a teacher, I was also looking for an opening to get a Moderna vaccine (which comes into play later). As a “first timer” for a mammogram, I wasn’t sure what would happen necessarily. Luckily, the technician who did my exam (which luckily did not hurt as badly for me as some friends made it out to seem, ha) told me that 90% of first-timers will get a callback for second images because they don’t know what your tissue looks like since they don’t have previous images to compare to. Within two hours, I received a call to come back, so thanks to that technician, I wasn’t too worried (but still some…I mean, it was still a second exam!).

      When I went back a week later for my second exam, they did the exam and then ushered me back for an ultrasound (which I was not aware was happening at this appointment, so that was alarming!). The ultrasound technician spent FOREVER on my left side, and I started to get quite concerned. Well…come to find out (and you may have heard of this on the news already), since I luckily got into a ‘lottery’ and received my first dose of the Moderna vaccine two weeks prior, in my left arm, my lymphnodes were all out of WHACK. As a result, the doctor wanted a closer look, hence the ultrasound (just wish I would have been told that beforehand!). I have to go back in 3 months for a follow-up to make sure everything is back to “normal,” which the doc said she isn’t concerned. They’ve been seeing this with the Moderna vaccine. I just wanted to let people know because if you’re like me, you wouldn’t have thought twice about scheduling your first ever mammogram and first (and hopefully last) vaccine to fight off a pandemic in the same month’s timeframe! So plan accordingly ladies so you aren’t unnecessarily worried!! Stay healthy everyone ❤️

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