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      Does anyone here have a husband that has erectile dysfunction? Or, should I say, are there any women here who are victims of erectile dysfunction?

      My husband got it about five years ago. Once I got passed the “it’s not my fault” stage, his urologist prescribed him ED meds, which have been a Godsend. We (I like saying “we”, because I feel like we have ED, it’s not just his problem) are bouncing back and forth between Viagra and Cialis.

      His favorite is Cialis, because it does not make him feel light-headed, or get blurry vision, that comes with Viagra. He also likes it because we don’t have to do it quite as long as when he’s on Viagra before he ejaculates. One thing we like about Cialis, its half-life is much longer than Viagra; this is our weekend pill. It allows for spontaneous intercourse throughout an entire weekend.

      My favorite is Viagra. As I already mentioned, we have to do it longer before he ejaculates, which I certainly don’t have a problem with! Also, he stays erect a bit longer after ejaculation; I’ve always insisted he stay inside me, even after ejaculation, until he can no longer stay up. Lastly, Viagra gives him a much more rock-hard erection, one that I can hang my winter parka on. But the bummer of Viagra is, we have to time our intercourse. Early on, after having intercourse in the evening, I tried giving him oral the next morning, to get him started; he wound up ejaculating in my mouth, while totally flacid; I didn’t know a man could do that!

      I’d be interested in hearing about your experiences.

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          Vigo RainVigo Rain

            <span style=”font-weight: 400;”>Before ejaculation, sperm move up the vas deferens to reach the seminal vesicles and be stored there. During the emission phase, an almost simultaneous contraction of all the glands and ducts makes it possible to form the sperm. The tension increases until the expulsion phase. The muscles located at the base of the penis (perineal muscles) contract to ensure the evacuation of semen: this is the ejaculatory reflex. This last phase is controlled by the autonomic nervous system, independently of the will. Indeed, once started, the expulsion can no longer be controlled.</span>

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