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      I have an ultrasound scheduled for the 5th to rule out ovarian cancer before my exploratory endometriosis diagnostic surgery on the 28th and while endometriosis isn’t a wonderful diagnosis- much better than the former from prognosis perspective. I feel crazy for hoping for endometriosis because- to be frank, it fucking sucks-but the thought of cancer terrifies me, especially ovarian. I have a strong family history of endometriosis on my fathers side and while that would be the logical diagnosis- I find many of the symptoms I am experiencing are very much in line with ovarian cancer. Basically- I am freaking out and hoping to hear about others experience getting diagnosed and what symptoms you experienced because I am spiraling lol. Also, if you have been through this experience- what should I expect? Literally any insight would be very much welcomed as none of my friends have dealt with something like this.

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