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      I’ve had the Nexplanon arm implant for about 11 months, and it has caused me to bleed way too often.

      My doctor said at around six months to a year, however your body is reacting is likely to be how it will continue to react if you keep the implant in. I really really really wanted this to work for me. It’s just so effective and convenient compared to all the other methods.

      It’s coming up on one year and it doesn’t look like I’ll be able to keep using nexplanon. I kept getting false hope because I would get a normal period that was a month away from my last one, and ended after the normal 7 days, but then a few days later I would start fully bleeding again. It also may be behind my extreme iron deficiency, which I have been able to get back to the low end of normal with supplements and diet, but it could still be effecting my energy levels and mental health according to my psychiatrist.

      I’m thinking about switching to either an IUD or depo shots. I’m way too forgetful for the pill. I might wait a a couple more months before I switch to be sure that I’ve given nexplanon every possible chance to work. I also need time to decide what I want to switch to.

      IUDs freak me out and bit. The shot seems very attractive, I read that about half of the people who get it stop getting their periods which I would love lol. And it seems to have lower chance of side effects altogether. The only thing about it is having to go to the doctor every three months.

      I currently live with very nosey parents and don’t have my own car, so I have to use their’s. I’m 24 and I really should just buck up and tell them the truth about having to use it to go get my birth control shot, but its an embarrassing topic for me as they have very conservative, religious views about sex.

      I’m currently unemployed, but I also worry about how I will arrange an appointment for it around my work once I start working again. Then again, every three months is only 4 times a year so maybe it won’t be so bad.

      Does anyone have experience with the shot? How was it for you? Would anyone who’s tried both the shot and the iud recommend one over the other? Anyone want to commiserate with me about nexplanon and help me part ways with it lol?

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