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    Jane KentJane

      Going into the new year, and after months of having awful “maskne” along my jaw line, I decided I wanted to see what I could change about my diet that could potentially help this issue. (Sidenote: does anyone have other tips for dealing with this acne?)

      I have had issues with acne in the same area when I switched over to having soy milk daily, so I already try to limit the amount of soy in my diet. So, the next thing I am trying to limit is dairy. I say limit because I am not someone who can completely cut out, for example instead of being vegetarian for the past 6 years, I enjoy chicken fingers every once in a while! This flexibility and forgiving nature of my less restrictive limits are comfortable for me, and I plan on doing the same with dairy, mainly by reducing my dairy intake when I am making my snacks and meals.

      I guess I am writing to ask if anyone else has noticed bad breakouts related to food? Are there other foods that could be causing this that I am missing.I am excited to make this change in my diet for other reasons as well. So far I have read about benefits to my energy levels and digestive health. am hoping to notice some improvements in both areas! To anyone who has gone/is dairy free I would love to hear about your experience. Lastly, what are some of your favorite dairy free alternatives that you have incorporated in your diet?

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        Natalie EramoNatalie Eramo

          Hi Jane,

          I have the SAME PROBLEM with my acne, so I feel your pain and know it is soooo horrible. I have been going on 3 weeks now of trying to eliminate as much dairy as possible to see if it helps with my skin. Since dairy is an inflammatory food I figured why not!

          Some alternatives I am using are Nut milks (almond and oat) as well as creamers (NUTPODS is a great brand) if I need some extra flavor in coffee. VIOLIFE is a great dairy free brand for cream cheese and shredded cheese regarding flavor, and LAVA Plant Based Yogurt is delicious. Only time it is super hard for me to NOT cut dairy is when my Italian family comes over and we make meatballs…have to have that ricotta cheese lol.

          Other things I am trying and hoping to see results with is using clean products for skin care and makeup (specifically using Beauty Counter as alot of my family with similar skin saw awesome results).

          I hope this helps and wish ya the best!

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          steph hSteph

            To hear**

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            steph hSteph

              Hi Jane,

              I recently went predominately dairy-free and am happy to share my experience! Over the last couple years, I had really begun to limit my dairy intake. Abstaining from creamier dairy ala ice cream, yogurt and sour cream but still eating cheese. Mainly feta on a salad for lunch and the occasional, casual block of cheddar ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ . I found that the creamier dairy made me feel more bloated and gassy vs. Cheese (although this could have been wishful thinking). I cut it all out before the holidays because of bloat and gas.  I am amazed at the effects. Obviously on the gas and bloating front but my skin has been more clear too, which is pretty nice side effect. I still have some acne, but breakouts and pimples are fewer and further between now that I cut out dairy. I would say I’m about 2-3 months in for no dairy and plan to stay that way for the majority of the time, while still eating cheese on occasion.

              Give it a try! Would love torear how it goes for you!

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                  Steph –

                  I’ve always noticed “creamier” dairy like drinking milk, yogurt, ice cream negatively affect my skin wayyyy more than cheese! So you might actually be into something!

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