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    Laurie Beth KollerLaurie Beth Koller

      Today I woke up with a really, really bad sore throat. Of course, my fear and anxiety started to settle in. The straight fear of COVID and what that means truly took over my body.
Over the morning, I spent time on the couch with achey ears and throat. After drinking water, I felt a little better but went back to bed to see if rest would help.
When I woke up, about an hour later I felt still not great.
      Over the last week, I’ve been having some achey pains, almost like growing pains & just overall exhaustion. I barely have slept and have worked/been on the go all week and yesterday (Saturday).
      I decided to take the trip to the medical center for a COVID test, strep and ear infection check. When I got there, they did a strep test and almost yellow/brown pus came out. The rapid test came back negative but the doctor thinks the culture will come back positive. Ears looked good but clogged.
COVID test was fine but of course, unbelievably uncomfortable. Results will come back in a few days.
      I asked the doctor if these symptoms were the start of COVID. He said “not really, the clogged ears/throat is more of a virus infection.
      But the kicker is that they had to take my heart rate almost five times because each time was so high they were nervous I was going to pass out or have a panic attack. Which made me think deep about what COVID and this shear panic around it has created. My heart rate was over 200 at one point.
      Brings me to this – during this time, go to the doctors and don’t feel bad if you think it’s “just” a cold. Colds these days are things we need to take care of. We have to take care of ourselves, both mentally and physically.
      I’m going to get a COVID rapid test in the AM just to calm my anxiety. In the meantime, he suggested that I go pick up Sudafed in and not move out of bed. He did ask about how my sleep to which I giggled and said, what sleep?

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        Kary SmithKary Smith

          Hi! Oh my gosh – yes! I have been searching for someone who feels this way.

          I ended up having a sinus infection…

          COVID is so real but so are other things!

          Thanks for this <3

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            This is real! I had to have my doctor tell me that COVID isn’t the only virus going around during this time too.

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