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    Caroline KollerCaroline A

    I tried to switch out gluten for cauliflower because it’s “healthy” but does anyone else get terrible gas pains from cauliflower? It’s so frustrating when healthy foods still hurt your body

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      Omg YES!!!

      I have made Trader Joe’s Cauliflower Gnocchi a staple in my diet, but when I made it for dinner I spend the rest of the night paying for it. I will say that the longer I have had it in my diet the better that has gotten. Also the better I cook things the better off I am. Like raw is not an option for my situation.

      A lady at work was telling me that she is doing an elimination diet, to figure out what foods are really bothering her. I have plans to do this, but I haven’t done it yet!

      It is SO frustrating though.

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