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    jessica goldstoneJG

      I had been taking birth control for about 5-6 years most recently Lo Lo Estrin. I really liked it because my skin got better, I had no period, it was considered low hormone by my doctor and I didn’t see any weight gain. Over quarantine/corona I decided to get off of birth control for a while to see what it felt like since it had been so long. I believe that I have noticed a significant decrease in my anxiety as a result. I am going to stay off birth control for the time being. Have other girls experienced something similar?

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          I used to be on lo lo estrin and I really liked it. But like you, I had no period as well. I will say the same thing that my anxiety wasn’t great while on this form. I barely could track myself. I went off of it due to endometriosis but I think if it’s working for you, do what’s best for your body.

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