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    Molly Harrison

      Recently when I let myself get worked up/stressed/anxious, I end up having a very physical reaction to stress and anxiety. My heart feels like its beating out of my chest and I feel short of breath. After experiencing this for 4 consecutive days (and thinking it was Covid) a Dr prescribed me Vistaril. This was about a month ago and I have taken it 3 times to help settle my chest/mind/heart when I feel I am having an anxiety attack. It has definitely helped, but now I am wondering if it’s time for me to get on a daily anti anxiety medication to prevent these “attacks” from happening in the first place. I feel like any time I let myself get worked up I and then add alcohol in the mix, I end up feeling like this. I have been more conscious of drinking after having a stressful/anxious day or week, but I don’t want to have anxious weeks. And at this point I find it very difficult to control it on my own. Please respond with what anti-anxiety daily medications have worked for you! Open to natural remedies as well. And yes, I do take Ashwagandha daily 🙂

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        Laurie Beth KollerLaurie Beth Koller

          Hi Molly,

          Ugh. I get this. SO hard.

          I will say my daily Cymbalta has been a life-saver for me. I remember telling my sister “it just feels like my head is clear for the first time”

          I’m currently on Cymbalta 30mg daily but also was on 60mg of it for about 7 months due to extreme pain and panic attacks.

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