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    Christina F.

    When my husband and I started trying to conceive in January 2020, I was using an app on my phone to track my ovulation. By the “textbook” or a simple google search, women ovulate on or around day 14, depending on the length of your cycle. My cycles were always fairly consistent – 28 or 29 days long – so I figured I was ovulating on or around day 14. We weren’t getting pregnant right away, which is expected but I felt something was off. I started using ovulation test strips and found out I ovulate on or around day 18 or 19! Even my last cycle I ovulated on day 20. Honestly, I didn’t know it was possible to ovulate later than what the internet and apps on my phone were telling me.

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      Which app were you using?! And did you use a certain brand of ovulation strips? I can barely track mine as well.


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