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Laurie Beth KollerLaurie Beth Koller


    WOW – first, thank you for sharing. Your words spoke WAY too close to home. I am so unbelievably sorry that your body had to experience those things.

    The “cancel plans, could not move” is very real for me as well. And yes, me too. It’s all “normal” but it wasn’t. I thought I had a cyst a few years ago because the pain was just SO past normal – so I cannot even understand that emotion. (Turns out it was severe endometriosis that I had growing all over my linings). But I hear you & I see you! I suffered from endometriosis for almost 13 years and it took about 12 years to figure out. So listening to your body EARLY is key.

    It’s pretty incredible that you found the silver lining. I’m SO glad & so impressed by you looking at this situation in this light.

    “when it was literally causing me to put my life on hold for 5 – 10 days of EVERY month. Listen to your body!!!” THE TRUEST QUOTE TO EVER EXIST