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    So I personally don’t suffer from IBS, but growing up both my mom and sister did pretty severely. My mom swore by Citrucel fiber pills, which she took every day. In the past few years, I have asked her how her IBS is, and she says she hardly ever has any issues anymore, and attributes it to taking Citrucel for years and years. Her doctor also says that they think the Citrucel, which is filled with regulating fiber, helps to heal the gut, which is why she now has virtually no problems.

    Although I don’t suffer from IBS, I do infrequently get horrible stomach pains that last for a few days (maybe it is IBS, but I have never seen a doctor about it). Citrucel is the only thing that helps to alleviate the pain and help keep everything moving that I have tried, and every time I forget to take it for a few days I notice!

    Moral of the story, I would recommend trying it out– you can get it anywhere, Amazon, Walgreens, etc. It’s a little pricey, but so so worth it!